How to improve Power factor in the design attached

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We have designed a power supply basically as an LED driver, along with it we are powering a micro-controller too. We have slightly modified the input stage from the original design.The power factor of the modified design is less than 0.4. Is there any way to improvise the power factor to atleast 0.8?? Or removal of front end inductor is causing this problem?? Can you please guide us.?

modified schematic.PNG33.05 KB
power supply design.uds264.5 KB

C2 causes the problem because the rectified input becomes DC.  TinySwitch is primarily used for non-PF applications, but you may add a valley-fill circuit to increase PF. Please refer to DER-423 or DI130 for circuit implementation. A PF >70% can be achieved. Just check if you can meet 80%.

Many thanks for the reply. We shall go through the referred document, do the necessary changes and revert back.

Thanks once again.