Selection of Schottky Diode

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I am working to make driver using LYT4228 to achive 1.4A 36V (50W). 
Before that I never work on low output voltage. I have made many drivers for 76V output.

But Now I have to use schottky diode to achive 36V into my driver. 

However there is no design example of LYT series for hight current & watt. 
So I am following RDR-290. But there is a confusion about voltge of Schottky Diode.

In RDR-290 design, PIXI suggest 146V (PIVS) output diode. And you have used 250V schottky diode in design.

Now In my design PIXI suggest 180V(PIVS) schottky diode.
Can I use 200V diode into my design ?
Is there any way to decrese leakage inductance spike OR  overcome problem of fusing diode during spike ?



In the PIXLS, it was mentioned that the PIVS of the output diode does not include the effect of leakage inductance. Thus, using a 250V schottky diode for a high-power design is required.

On your design, you may try to increase VOR to lower the stress on the diode. Just be mindful that it will increase VDS of your switch.

You can also add r-c snubber just like on RDR-290.

You can decrease the leakage inductance by optimizing the transformer construction.




I have seen your Q Speed driver. 
is it okay to use LQA30T300 (30A 300V) diode instead of MBR40250G (40A 250V Schottky) ?

Yes, you can use it.