How to choose a correct Bridge Rectifier

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Dear Sir,

At present we are designing a 72W Led driver using LYT4328. Actually when I refer reference designs, my calculated bridge rectifier voltage and current values are not matching with the used Bridge rectifier values. So request you to guide me to select correct Bridge rectifier values

Bridge rectifiers are usually chosen based on the average rectified current IF(av) and the maximum reverse blocking voltage VDC.

Typical IF is 1A and 2A while VDC is 600V, 800V, and 1000V. These are the common values used in our reference designs.

For high power design as such as yours, a 2A or 3A rating can be used. VDC is 1 kV for surge test consideration.

However, depending on your surge requirement, you may have to use a larger device. I2t rating must be considered as well.