Design Calculation for TNY264P

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I am designing a Flyback SMPS for one of our project. Design Inputs: Vin=85VAC to 265VAC Vout = 5V/100mA & 24V/100mA I am closely following the application note AN-23 which is "TinySwitch Flyback Design Methodology". But I have some issues in the calculations 1) Calculation for primary Inductance for DCM 2) Calculation for primary no of turns. Please revert back to us ASAP, Regards GIC
Dear Gic: Is it Possible you download PI expert from PI web-page? This is a program to run calculations for PI products. PI expert is free of cost and follows the PI application notes. You enter your need parameters and the software calculates the transformer parameters for you. One of PI expert option is called PIXLs. Attached is a PDF file showing PIXLs design that follow your needs. Please let us know if this help you in your calculations for your transformer parameters. thank you PI-worf