TOP224G and BYG70J question

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Hi! We have a long running product where we have used TOP224G to enable 37-265 volt input and 15 volt output of 600mA based on a old reference design of yours. This has been working very very good. And it's a non-isolated transformer free design. Problem is that it states BYG70J diode in it's design and we are having very big problems finding a suitable equivalent for it as it's since long out of production. So there is my first question, can you recommend me a alternative? Second question is how long TOP224G will be available. Saw that it's classed as old and no longer listed on main page. The third question is if there is an alternative design with "new" alternative from you! It still has to be ~37(40)-240VAC input range, 15 volt / 5-700mA output and no transformer (non-isolated solution). About 3000 units is used per year and will live for at least 5-10 years more. Look forward to hear from you! Best regards Johan Fredriksson SPESO


In order to help you find a suitable replacement for the BYG70J diode, please provide a copy of the schematic. We will need to understand the operating conditions before we make a recommendation.

Have you contacted NXP who are the manufacturers of this diode? They may be able to offer you a suitable direct equivalent if they have discontinued this product.

Currently there are no plans to discontinue the TOP224G.

In case you are considering the device for a new design that you are working on, I suggest you consider the newer TOPSwitch-HX family which provides additional features over the TOPSwitch-II family.



Hi! Thanks for your answer. Yes, I contacted Philips but have not got anything back from them. They seem to have stoped making all diodes of this type. Attached is a scanned bit of the schemativ for the power supply. Look forward to hear from you! Best regards Johan Fredriksson SPESO

You have a simple buck converter configuration using the TOPSwitch. You can use a BYV26C diode as a replacement

Thanks! Any value for the diode that is of great importance? Need a SMD version! Cheers, Johan