How to get 5v from this 220V-24V power source?

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Hello, I designed this power source from this power integration link My requirements are a bivolt power source with 24V output voltage and 330mA output current. Now I would like to know how to additionally get 5V output voltage and 100mA from this power source. Is it possible? If yes, how can I do that?

ps: The power source that I designed is attached.

Thanks in advance.

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Power source 220V-24V with 330mA114.11 KB

Please, I need to finish my PCB board and this will just be possible if I could have some bivolt power source with two outputs, 24V with ~330mA and 5V with ~100mA. Someone could help me?

Hi lucas,

Thank you for your interest on PI products. You may refer to the below link for dual output using LinkSwitch-2. Thank you.

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