Help for choosing LED driver

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I'm going to develop new LED driver board.

Here the board requirements:
Input 230Vac
Output costant current: 500mA, 12 to 13V
I need CC output, no flicker.
It could be isolated or not isolated output
I have small space for board.
If possible with triac dimmer.

Could you suggest me better LED driver to use?
There is a evaluation board or application notes?

Thank you

Hi Technolab,
Hope you're doing fine and thanks for your interest on PI Products. Below is my suggestion based from your requirements.
1. I recommend LYT3325D driver from LYTswitch-3 family.
2. Use Isolated Flyback topology
3. Please use PI expert online for your design. Here is the link:
4. Refer to DER-502 for the circuit and evaluation board:
5. Refer to AN-66 for the design guidelines:

Please let me know if you have questions.


Hi Martok,

thank you for your support. I'm going to study LYT3325D device.

I can see that DER-502 has 132V as Vin max.
I need to use it at 230Vac, Can I modify evaluation to use it at 230Vac?
There are others evaluation boards?

Thank you

Hi tecnolab,
Hope your doing fine. We have no other demo boards that can meet your specifications. You can use DER-502 with a few modifications. Please check below attached file for the modifications. Also you need to change the IC to LYT3325D.


Thank you Martok.

I saw also DER-434.

Do you think I can use it at 12V 500mA (it's 335mA)?
What I have to change to increase current up to 500mA?

Thank you

Hi Technolab,
Good day. . DER-434 using LYTswitch-2 is for non triac dimmable and non PF applications. If your project still suits these requirement then you can use DER-434. You can refer on the attached file from PI expert to update the output voltage and current. Also you might want to use our PI expert online for your design changes and optimization.

Note below circuit code based from PI expert online.