Undervoltage/Overvoltage Protection

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In topswitch Hx family datasheet is suggested to connect 4M ohm resistor to V pin for Undervoltage/Overvoltage protection, But why PI expert put two 4.64 M in series, in this case due to undervoltage threshold current is 25 uA and overvoltage threshold current is 112uA so undervoltage is programmed to (4.64+4.64) *25=232V and overvoltage to (4.64+4.64) *112=1039V.
I attached the schematic
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I will be passing this question to the people who oversee the PI Expert software. In the meantime, please go ahead and calculate your UV/OV resistor value based on the threshold currents from the data sheet.

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I would be grateful if some one answer my question.
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As I said, I have passed your question on to the people in charge of the actual code for PI Expert - they will need to have a look.

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Does your design require UV, OV or both? In your example, you have enabled UV and disabled OV, which is why the two 4.64M resistors are used on the V-pin.
Go to the design tree on the left of your PI Expert design and select PI Device -> UV/OV and make the appropriate selection.

Thank you for your help.
I think the circuit that PI expert suggests for both UV and OV is different from the topswitch HX datasheet.
I attached 2 photos about PI expert and datasheet. Please take a look at them.
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The two circuit implementations you have attached are exactly the same. The only difference is RLS1 = 9.31 M for the high line design - which makes sense.

Thank you for your help

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