120W PFC isolated supply - is this possible with powerint devices? - time critical

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Parametric selection does not show any device suitable for 120W, even without the need for pfc. Is there anything suitable for such an application? I need a working prototype by first week November, so there is little time to decide.
I think he TOP261 would do the job for the forward converter. Is there a Power Integrations device suitable for the PFC stage? Also, are you aware of a standard forward converter transformer configurable to give 19V 6.5A output?

Sorry we don't have a PFC solution at this time.



If you look at the data sheet for the top200-204 series, they have a PFC schematic. It uses the top202 for 65 watts. The Top204 may get you close to what you want. the PF is ~0.98 but the THD isn't wonderful. Remember that the duty cycle limit when designing the inductor. I am not sure if this can be parallelled for more power. You would be much better off with a real PFC controller since the guys At PI designed this as a 'quick and dirty' but it works fine though.