-55ºC junction

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Hi, I notice that your new IC, PLC810PG, is rated at -65ºC storage, -55ºC working. Is it a mistake? Did you test this device at this low temperature? Is this device package in a ceramic case? or plastic? I would consider using this device in low cost Military application but I am worry about the product life (10 to 15 year), what is PI policy? Do you have any other IC rated at -55ºc, or even -40ºC? Do you have any application board, etc Best regards JJ Girin

Hello JJ,

The -55C is being corrected to -40C.

Regarding low temperature operation most of our products have an minimum junction temperature that extends down to -40C. Under this condition the product will operate but some parameters may have wider limits. Curves of key parameters vs temperature are typically provided in the datasheet after the parameter table.

We do not offer special devices for military applications.