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hi PI expert thank you very much of your last help it was helpfull., about di-66 project 1-please introduce me what is CTR(current transfer ratio) in optocouplers and is it important parameter? and tell me some optocouplers instead of PC817C because i did not find it but PC817B and PC817 is available? 2- about MBR20100CT, it has two diode inside it,>i should use just one of them or i must connect both anode together and use it in circuit? 3-what is the volatge and current of bias winding in di-66 ? 4-what is the volatge and current of "C" pin of TOP246Y? 5-what is the volatge and current of "F" pin of TOP246Y? 6-can i use R=150kohm from "12V output" to "reference pin of LM431" to improve crossover regulation? 7- i used 3.5uH instead of 3.3uH for L2 & L3,is it important? 8-i used two 1Mohm & 0.25 watt instead of 2Mohm 0.5Watt,please tell me your opinion? Thank you Adel

See other post of same title for answer.