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Dear Sir, Is it possible to connect external load to a battery charger. That is Load will be parallel to battery but with different ground. If I use a circuit like this what will be impact on powersupply performance.I suppose to use circuit as shown in attachment Please let me know the drawbacks & limitations.
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hello sir, i want to understand the actual thing that u r trying to attempt but as i cannot see any attachment, Kindly forward your attachment to

Please post attachment (PDF or JPEG etc) by replying to your own post.



Iam trying attach image but it is not displaying any attachment. Can i have your email so that i can send attachment Regards Satyanarayana.B

Hello Satyanarayana.B

I've just checked and uploading files worked for me. Can you try again - make sure you click the "Attach" button (see attached screen shot).

Please ignore - just verifying the ability to upload images and files.


Dear Chekov, Please find attached circuit. Regards satya