constant current driver for high power led

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Do you have reference design for constant current driver for high power led? drives 2 - 8 watts led with 350mA constant current? what device is the best for this type of load? Thanks
Do you need isolation from AC Line? You mat take a look to the page at If you can not something close to your needs and once we know more about your spec, we can recommend a device for you to use.
Hi! I cannot find a constant current in your reference designs. I need isolated type.Do i need additional IC to control the constant current supply to the LED?
dear bren, Pls visit there u can free design solution & assistance. they are distributors for Pi in India. anyhow, assistance u will get for sure. also, they have some other designs too for ur reference.
Bren : You may take a look to DER-185 ( This design is a LED driver with CV CC output characteristic. The CC characteristic is set up to deliver 350mA. I hope this example works for you. PI-Worf
Dear Technical Department, I trialed the design sample of der 184 and der 185. I would like to clarify that in my country we do not have exactly the same components that says in the component list, then, it was always clear for me that could fail. The sample of der 184 (700 mA, 5,32w 7,4 v)gaves me less power, then, I can lighted up just one LED. The sample of DER 185 exploded...I repeat, because I did not use exactly the same codes and components that says in the component list. My questions are....1) As der 184 seems that could works with local components, how can I make it to give me more power¿...just with more wire turns in the transformer¿ 2) Can you say positivelly that, if I buy exactly all components stated in the part list...the PS will works¿ I really need your counseling because I need it to decide if I import all components. Thank you Marcelo Marcelo

There are several design examples that you can look at. Please visit the following site
and look for the LED Driver applications in the first column (scroll down about 75% towards the bottom of that page)
The design examples you might be interested in are
DER184 -
DER185 -
DER173 -

You should also see the LED Lighting microsite at