DPA424 question!

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I have designed a schematic(fly back) with DPA424 following the PI expert 7 guide. But i don't known how to change the output voltage if i have a fix turns ratio transformer. Can you give a sample and intruct me what transistor/cap...need to change the value. And can you tell me how to stabilize the output voltage. Thank for reading
Pls send me the particular schematic of the design you are working on, so I can tell you what component value precisely to change. Thanks. PI-Troi

Pls. also clarify if you are

1) asking how to tell PI Expert that you want a different output voltage.


2) if you are trying to design a PSU but you are stuck with a given transformer.

Sorry but for a inconvenient reason i can't load my schematic here(but my schematic is allmost same this attached image). The main problem is that i designed as guided by PI (all the normal value)but i want to tune the output voltage(one 5V output) Do you tell me how to increase or decrease the output but not change the turns ratio of transformer. Can you guide me to change what resistors,capacitors....to do that? Thank for replying me!
In that schematic can you explain to me the effect of VR1,R4,C4,R6,R7,R8,R9,C1 The PI Expert 7 help me to set the value but i don't find any formular(in datasheet,application notes...) to caculate these. Thank again for your helping.