Idea for NEW PI device

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hello PI cud you design & launch a PI device in which two outputs could be regulated even when if the output is isolated form each other. Like if two feedback pins are provided, both given to different controller within the same IC, output of these controller are given to an Op-Amp and the output of this op map is given to mosfet. i mean, use single MOSFET, two controller with proper isolation. i hope you could upadte suitably on this idea.

That's an interesting requirement - what is your application?

With two outputs that share a common ground it's possible to do shared regulation by feeding a proportion of the output to the TL431 input from both outputs. However this doesn't regulate both output independently - the real regulation is determined by the relative voltage across the leakage inductance of the two secondary windings.

I suspect that even with two feedback inputs the same issue would exist.

Anyone else have an opinion?



Hello sir, i did not gave idea for any Specific application though, as i belong to Distribuitor Of Power Integration That sipports PI for business in India. I gave that idea just to ensure that i could contribute in the success of PI devices & innovations. Anyhow, the concept of voltage at secondry you suggested is very true, but pls try to comeup with any of such thing which could satisfy this task of regulation two isolated outputs which has not been tried by any other manufactures. and yes..cheers!!!!