LNK304 flyback with reversed Feedback connection.

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Hello team, My circuit consist of LNK304 device as per the data sheet of device, when the current deliver into this pin exceeds 49uA a low logic level will generated at the output of the feedback circuit, Suppose if we swap the connection of the feedback circuit then what kind of internal misbehavior we can expect. For circuit reference pls refer the attachment.
Do you mean to invert the optocoupler transistor? If this is the case, the opto-transistor is not going to be propperly bias. So the loop will be opened.
Thanks for your repond. Yes,you right i just reversed the opto- transistor, in this case, will it affect the drain to source voltage(Vds)? i mean is ther any chance to LNK304 device will experienced the higher Vds. Awating for your reply. Thanks sri...