Multiple Output Ground

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I am looking for 3sets of 5V >500mA design with separate output + and ground. My plan is to create 3 secondary winding to attain proper isolation but I don't know how to manage the regulation. Any reference design will be of great help. Thanks
if you need 3 isolated outputs from each other, you can get your feedback from only 1 output. then other 2 output will be unregulated. Multiple outputs regulation is very affected the way your loads change. Worst case happen when 1 output is at max load and the other(s) is/are at no load One way to improve regulation is to split your transformer in 2 layers with the output windings in the middle. Interleave the 3 secondary windings (wind them at the same time) this way the coupling between secondary windings will be much better and regulation will tend to be better too. Yu may use preload or zener diodes for the time when the output is no loaded. This way you reduce the output voltage variations