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Dear Sir, We want to make battery charger, having rating 15.6v / 3A. We have made a design from PI Expert s/w & implemented. We are facing following problems. 1. Instead of working from 85V AC, the power supply works from 120V AC. 2. It is designed for open frame. But still the TOP Ic heats & the power supply gets shutdown after 10min. After colling it again start. Please check the design, give feedback & guide us, where we are wrong. 1. Top246 is getting heated up even at load 0.5A & trips after 2min. 2. At 1A, the device heats hup trip within a minute. Best regards Prashant D. Kharade Ador Powertron ltd. mobile : 09881739315 landline ++91-20-27473778
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Dear Prashant D. Kharade Ador Is it possible you post your actual schematic and your PCB layout? Are you following construction techniques showing in your attached file for your transformer? Is it possible you measure the leakage inductance of your transformer? Thank you