Proper combination of two reference designs for LNK306-TN non-isolated design?

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Hello, We are using the LNK306-TN in CCM mode, buck configuration and with constant voltage only to produce approx. 30V @ the maximum part current of 360mA Basing our efforts on the closest reference design, we have created a design based on DER-172 (9W LED Driver based on LNK306-TN). By studing AN37 and datasheet, we believe we correctly removed the constant-current circuitry and converted the design to buck configuration instead of buck-boost, but we are unsure if the input stage of DER-172 is powerful enough for this usage of the part. Can the part perform correctly under the (enclosed) design schematic? Many thanks for any hint you can offer! Thank you, Jean-Pierre Poulin CTO - Unity Convergence
Jean-Pierre: If you need a buck solution in CV mode, You do not need to combine 2 reference designs. Just follow AN-37. Use Figure 1A as the platform for your design. Your actual input circuit satisfy the needs for your design. You may use PI expert to help you to calculate your critical component values. Attached is an example of a PIXLS (from PI Expert) in PDF format. This design should work fine for your needs.