Recommended Family for Design

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I have a customer request for a power supply with the following requirements: - Input Voltage 24V AC/DC (+/- 20%), and at 50/60Hz (+/- 5%) - Output Voltage: Symmetrical Floating Outputs, -21V and +21V @ 1.5A per output -Protection: Overload/Short Circuit w/pulsing for automatic restart under overload/short circuit conditions. Looking to see if PI has a reference design/App note or can suggest the appropriate family. Thanks, Brad
At this power level (63 W) DPASwitch is not suitable. I'd suggest that you use a voltage doubler at the input. That should make sure that you have about 60 V DC after rectification. With this input voltage you can use a TOP257E or TOP258E (or Y package) and a EER28 core.