transformer heating problem

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i m working on smps (flyback topology)i have designed transformer for that but my transformer core start heating when we contact load to it . it's core temp. goes upto 65'c , i m using top224y in my design. i already check my turns (multiple outputs) and wire gauges which are more then sufficent and also withstand 1.5 times load of actual.
hello vaib kindly attach schematic/transformer details so as we could discuss. prasun k
plz give me ur mail id so i can send you my power supply design and my transformer winding details
hello vaib, i read that you want e mail Id, lets say if you want to mail mr checkov, click on his name, a new page will get open. now, click on contact, another new page will open. here you can directly mail anyone to their registered e mail id. good luck

Hello vaib

High core temperature can be caused by heating from the windings or core loss due to high AC flux.

To help narrow it down can you attach the transformer design file from PI Expert or PIXls? Also you mention 65C at what ambient temperature is that? 65 C by itself may not be too excessive especially if this is at high ambient.