High Voltage Input Circuit

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Dear Sirs, I Have designed Battery charger circuit using TNY268, But according to a specification of TNY 268 it's drain voltage is only 700VDC. For my other circit Input is 200VAC ~ 550 VAC , Hence I want Drain voltage 1000VDC Or can I use MOSFET IRFBC20 as used with Link-Switch 'LNK304PN. Please give solution Thanking You, Mr. Dattatraya Ghorpade-patil M/s. Mid-Sun email : ghorpadepatilmail@gmail.com Mobile : 09423162615
hello mr dattacharya, Please go ahead as similar to stack FET configuration shown for LNK304(DI124). Prasun k Prasunkuls@hotmail.com

Prasun is correct - the Stack-FET approach will work with TNY268 however at higher power you may find the external MOSFET needs a small heatsink (it is switched relatively slowly)



We have designed SMPS with stackfet technology for ~10W. I want to know what is the maximum power that can be transferred using this technology? Navneet
I don't see a fundamental limit other than the dissipation in the extra external MOSFET. As the power increases, the MOSFET current increases and therefore so do associated switching losses. As mentioned the external FET is switched slowly so switching losses are higher than normal. Anyone out there tried this above 10 W? Cheers PI-Chekov