LinkSwitch-II family by using PI Xls Designer 7.0

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Hi, I'm designing battery charger 6.8Vdc/0.8A in LinkSwitch-II family by using PI Xls designer 7.0. I seem found some bugs in this program that I would like to reduce the maximum or peak flux density by secondary turn adjustment. The secondary turn is adjusted by changing the output diode conduction time (DCON). I try to change DCON so the secondary turn will be changed but the maximum flux density still not change in any time when I have changed the DCON. I thought may be missed the calculation in this. Any suggestions, please kindly let me know and when this PI Xls will be supported us the transformer design for LinkSwitch-II. Thank you and Best Regards, Terayouth W.
The LinkSwitch-II design spreadsheet has a few control that are slightly different from other spreadsheets... Here are a frew points that may help. 1) The diode conduction time (DCON), controls the secondary turns (NS) and the reflected output voltage VOR. Increasing DCON, reduces VOR and increases NS. 2) BM_Target controls the primary turns NP. Increasing BM_Target should reduce turns 3) Switching frequency (FS) controls VOR and primary inductance (LP) Increasing FS reduces LP and reduces VOR 4) DCON also controls the KP (or KDP) of the supply. Increasing DCON reduces KP. Hope that helps.