PI expert7 manual start point

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Hi, How Can I change PIexpert 7 optimization start point from cost to manual start point. Thanks,

The optimization start point is automatically manual...
If you want to fix the PI device, then after the initial optimization run, goto the PI device dialog and select the device (This has to be a device larger than the one the software automatically selects). Click ok and then click the "optimize" button. The software will optimize with your selection of device.
If you want to fix a transformer core then in the solutions filter dialog under the core range section - enter the start core size and end core size as the same core.
If you do NOT want to do manual start point then instead of clicking on the "optimize" button click on the "auto-design" button

Hi, I think I could not ask clearly. I have a design 6W 12V and .5A. I want to use TNY275 (TINYIII family chip),but PIExpert does not do optimization. There is a message box is populated and say "Could not optimization for cost". However I want to use that top chip. How can do optimization without cost?

Maybe you are seeing this problem because you are trying to use TNY275 in increased current limit.
Can you check something for me? Under Tools menu click Preferences. This dialog should have "Optimize New Design" check box checked
If it is not checked please check this box.

Next, do a design with 12V and 0.5 W input ---> The software will optimize with TNY274 in increased current limit
Next under Design options click on the user icon next to the "Current Limit" drop down menu and select the standard option. Click OK
Now go to PI Device dialog and select TNY275 and click OK
Finally click on the optimize button. The software should be able to optimize using TNY275 and EEL16 core.