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What is the difference between the PIexpert and PIExcel? Which is better to use? Can i design smps using only the PIexpert?

PI Expert is a fully automated design software. All you need to know is your input and output specifications and the rest of the design decisions/choices are made automatically by the software.
PIXls is more of a design spreadsheet. It relies on the user making informed decisions on the values of some design parameters. For example when using the spreadsheet the user makes a decision on how much input capacitance to use, what the VOR and KP should be what core size should be used etc etc.
For inexperienced users these choices are made by the software automatically.
If you are new to switching power supplies I suggest that you choose PIExpert design software and see what design it recommends. I use it very frewquently to see what core size I should be using for my transformer.
Hope that helps!

thank you very much
PI expert 7 generate false transformer turns!!!! PI expert seems to be good ...i ws used to PI XL,but xl is not giving results as best as in version 6.