Request for IEC60747 approval of INNOSWITCH product line

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Our company has planned to develop a new switch-mode power supply, for applications in household machines, like dishwashers and coffeemachines.

For european safety approvals of power supply-boards in household machines, equipped with INNOSWITCH, it's mandatory to have a component safety certificate based on IEC60747-5-2 standard. (like PHOTOCOUPLERs, ISOLATION AMPLIFIERS ) I would like to ask, whether it's possible to get such an approval certificate (IEC60747-5-2) for INNOSWITCH-IC  INN2605 or any other type of INNOSWITCH familiy?  Otherwise, INNOSWITCH components can never be used in household machines in europe.

Hi rapid62,


Because the InnoSwitch does not use an optocoupler, the IEC60747-5-2 standard does not apply.  The product, however, does have VDE certification that is sufficient according to a major appliance customer in Europe.