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I used product selector for below specification

Input 230v AC, 50Hz, Output 5V & 550ma.

I got LNK623PG  with EEL16 core.

The things I observed that transformer is little bit complicated for

production ( due to shildwinding , four parallel string ,small size)


If I use TNY284PG I get EF12.6 core and simple two winding ( no shild winding,no parallel winding )

The question is,

1) Can I go with TNY284PG  design?

2) For TNY284PG software suggest AWG 37 & AN-23 says do not use wire thinner than 36 AWG

3) Isp = Ip x (Np/Ns) and Ip equals to maximum ILIMIT but for TinySwitch III & 4 software select minimum ILIMIT,

    its also effect on secondary RMS and ripple current.

4) Why software suggest shild winding for LNK623 and not for TNY284

  does EMI is less in TNY284?