Power LED Driver, PWM dimmable

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I am looking for an IC to drive a power LED of 11V and 700mA current. The 0 family is not capable of this and the 1 family is not supported by your design tool. Furthermore I like to dimm the led with a pwm signal, can I use the M pin?


LYT1 family is available using PIExpert Online: https://piexpertonline.power.com

However, it does not support 700 mA of output current. There is an ongoing activity on LYT1 for PWM dimming by injecting current to the FB pin. This is just for your info since 700 mA is not supported.

Please check LYT-5 which can meet the spec. For PWM dimming, however, we don't have a reference design but modulating the FB pin is the key for PWM dimming.