Led Driver Power Supply + WiFi Module

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I am looking for some reference design or some suggestions and tips to design the Led driver supply and for WiFi Module

My requirements :-

  • Dual Output
  • Output 1 - 17v, 400mA (Constant Current)
  • Output 2 - 3.3v, 900mA or 1A
  • Tolerance +/-5%
  • Isolated Design
  • Constant Current Supply for Led Design
  • Constant Volatge for WiFi Module which operates at 3.3v, 900mA
  • Small Design
  • Fairly inexpensive


Need some help with reference design.

If you don't need PF,

I am looking at using LNK-CV for output 2 but this is non-PF.

For output 1, if you just need inexpensive CC, then use LNK-3 or LYT-2.

However, if you plan to control the dim the LED by varying the CC point, then it becomes more complicated. LYT-5 can be an option and modulate the RFB to control the CC.


Please Explain the short forms you have used. Also for dimmer, I have additional sperate circuit, No need of dimmer in Power Supply. Need some reference design/Circuit for above mentioned specification.

We don't have a readily available reference design based on your spec and it would be best for you to contact our FAE that serves in your region.

For the short forms I used, PF = power factor, CC= constant current, LNK-CV is for Linkswitch-CV, LYT = LYTSwitch.

You did not mention any power factor requirement that's why I suggested various devices.