Gate Driver IC

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Dear All,


I am looking for a gate driver IC for 10kV SiC MOSFETs. Can I get suggestions for gate driver IC selection since Power Integrations has done that, please?

Hi Haider,

I'm not sure if this is too late since its been 3weeks since you post your question.

Regarding your question, we have gate driver IC which is limited to 1200V recommended IGBT.  For 10kV IGBT, increasing the blocking diode or ladder resistors from IGBT collector to VCE pin of scale-idriver should work but haven't tested on our side since 10kV application is quite limited.  See below link of scale-idriver IC.

We also have plug and play modular design below.  There is a design for 6500V IGBT and increasing the blocking diode or ladder resistor from IGBT collector is also an option for 10kV application.  See below link for your reference.