Dual output LED driver (LED supply & auxiliary supply to MCU)

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Hi Team,

We are looking for an LED driver for smart RGB LED bulb, the input Vac range is 100-265Vac and Output1 is 30V @ 300mA (to the LEDs) and output2 is 5V @ 100mA (to MCU).

The important thing in this is the standby power we are looking for <400mW when the LEDs are off only the MCU will consume the power.

The expected PF should be 0.9 and THD= <20%, eff=>85%.

Please let us know, which LED driver deice will support for dual output with <400mW standby power.

You may use LinkSwitch-HP or InnoSwitch for your output and standby power requirements. However, these are non-PF devices. You can use valley-fill to improve the PF but achieving 0.9PF and THD <20% is a challenge in this approach. Use a PFC front-end to achieve PF and THD.