TOPsw enable on/off

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Has anyone tried disconnecting / connecting a TOPsw device to the power line w. transistor or FET switch? To reduce power to 0 when TOPsw is not running, I wish to disconnect the TOPsw drain from the rectified  AC line (or disconnect its 'S' pin, X pin etc., from the low side).

Using the low side to switch the device on / off is likely easier than using the high side, but the device may not like this too much!


Using the X-pin to enable the device does not eliminate power draw from the line (from the drain pin).


Yes, remote on/off feature can be implemented by using X pin.

During this operation input power drawn by TOPSwitch is <100mW at 230AVC input.

Please refer to page no's 8, 9and 14 of the datasheet for more details.