110-600v 3-phase AC to DC power supply

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What is the best implementation for such a wide input voltage range with the following modest output power requirements...

DC Output requirements:

24V, 3A

5V, 1A

-5V, 0.6A

3.3V 5A

Hi pcottreau,

Thank you for your interest in using Power Integrations' part.

Regarding your question, you can use the StackFET technique so you can have higher input voltage range.  See below link for your reference.  Use higher rated discrete MOSFET for your higher input voltage requirement.  I suggest you to use Topswitch controller for your power requirement.  Topswitch has integrated 725V MOSFET which will be in series with your added stackFET for higher input rating.  On your PIExpert design, disregard the error due to maximum input voltage of 600Vac since it will be addressed by the stackFET technique.


StackFET technique:



PIExpert Link for your design needs: Select topswitch then input all your specification.