600 VAC 3-phase to 24 VDC 4 A output

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Do you have any IC's and reference designs for a circuit that can input 200 to 600 VAC 3-phase and 100 to 240 VAC 1-phase and output approximately 100 watts at 24 VDC?



Hi tding@design1st.com

Thank you for your interest in using power integrations' part.

Regarding your question, you can use the stackFET technique so you have higher input voltage capability.  See below link for reference ckt design.  The two MOSFET in series will have the added voltage rating so it can handle 600Vac input.  You can use Topswitch controller for your requirement.  See also below link of Topswitch controller.  Topswitch can handle up to 265Vac so you won't have problem with 100Vac to 240Vac.  For input up to 600Vac you need to add higher voltage stackFET as I mentioned.

StackFET technique:


Topswitch controller: