Innoswitch vs Topswitch

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What about the performance of the feedback loop of Innoswitch ? The system is highly integrated and there is no access for compensation as on the Topswitch. Is it because it is not needed ?

Innoswitch uses on/off technique rather than PWM modulation. What about the transient response ? If you compare the transient response of an Innoswitch to the transient response of a Topswitch for the same output conditions ( voltage, load and capacitor ), what is it found in general ?

For the same ouput conditions ( voltage, load and capacitor ) how is the load regulation of an Innoswitch vs a Topswitch with the TL431 feedback type ? If I am not wrong, transitioning to on/off switching from PWM modulation is implemented on many low power converters to improve efficiency at light loads by sacrificing load regulation. Does it mean that we have to use a bigger output capacitor with Innoswitch ?

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Hi Kochdie,


Compensation for Innoswitch is done internal to the IC and hence external compensation is not needed usually.


Transient response of Innoswitch is better than Topswitch.


Load regulation is indeed better for Topswitch as compared to Innoswitch but Load regulation of Innoswitch is also within the acceptable range.