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I have used lnk306pn for our product design. i need to review the circuit diagram

this application is to make universal motor control.

i need to measure the motor current using resistor and opamp.

i have attached the circuit diagram for your reference.


i am using 0.15ohm  resistor to measure the current. maximum load current is 4 amps.


how i need to connect the opamp in this circuit and how to get the current value to equvalent voltage which can be measurable with microcontroller.

  in the circuit PC817 is not used for ZCD. transistor only used.

neutral is not isolated and its common for 5V DC and 230V AC.



kindly do the needful

Thank you





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Thank you for interested in using Power Integrations product.


The question you had is more related to the microcontroller side analog to digital sense or motor control related. it is better to consult with the microcontroller supplier for more information. 


LNK306 is a power supply to support the 12V or 5V you need. i didn't find the 0.15ohms resistor. is it to sense the the LNK306 output current or motor control side.


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