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Sir or Ma'am ,

     i am newly graduated B tech student and i want to manufacture  power supply for CCTV and LED drivers  by using Power integration ICs  , so i want to know that what will be the maximum warranty i can offer  if  i use all the component suggested by your standards  , i would also like to know what type of testing equipment will be required for the testing of  power supply  for industrial use   

Dear sid,


Thank you for considering Power Integrations ICs for your product.  The maximum warranty to offer typically depends on the policy of the equipment manufacturer based on the lifetime and reliability data for all of the components.  For Power Integrations product reliability information, you can contact our QA hotline at CIM@power.com.  When doing so, please specify the product of interest and provide as much detailed information as you can.


Regarding test equipment, again, it depends on each manufacturer, but there should be nothing special required to test power supplies based on Power Integrations chips.  You may want to consult with merchant power supply companies to see how they test for industrial applications.