Power Transistor for TDA2030 audio amp

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I am attempting to make a Stereo Power Amplifier using two TDA2030A (datesheet:http://www.componentschip.com/details/ST/TDA2030A.html)


I want an output of at least 25 watts per channel. The datasheet shows me that I need to add a pair of power transistors, BD907 and BD908 if I want my amplifier for higher power output. There are two circuits shown below and the one with the power transistors outputs more power. My question is this. Can I replace these BD907/908 with TIP35C and 36C , which are more easily available?

I have purchased a transformer of 24V-0-24V, 80VA.

The question does not concern Power Integrations products. Please refer your question to the appropriate component manufacturer.