LNK304GN led driver

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Could you help me wiht my led design, please? My circuit diagram is on the picture.

My parameters are:
LinkSwitch-TN: LNK304GN
Rfb = 300
Rbias = 2k
Rsense = 22
Csense = 10u
Co = 10u
L = 2.8 mH
My load is one led chain (12 leds, 2.86V for led). Need current 100 mА. So, output voltage should be Vo = 34,3 V.

My problem is that if I put Rsense = 22 Ohm, I got current Io = 90 mА and the circuit works fine; But when I put Rsense = 20 Ohm for current 100mA, my circuit has failure and led chain starts blinking with near 800 ms period (it seems LNK304GN restarting). What is wrong with my circuit?

with respect,

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