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Good Morning team.!!
I am an engineer and I work in an electronics equipment company for instrumentation in Brazil.
we consume electronic components manufactured by TOP Switch.
we are looking for a pwm switch component for power supply.
we would like a component that the input range is larger so that the source can operate with 24VDC and also with 90 to 240 VAC, in the same input. it's possible? how can I make a font that works in both DC and AC?
if it is possible, please ask me to indicate a pwm switch component so we can do tests here.
Thank you very much for your help and I am waiting for an answer.
have a great day ...
"sorry for the possible English errors"

Hi Andre

since the formula of VAC = 0.88 x ( VDC +1 ), so if you want to have input voltage is 24VDC, you must design the input VAC: 22 to 240 VAC, this exclude spare of voltage drop so i think you should make the wide input range : 18 to 240 VAC

you can try to design by :

bellow is the VAC conversion formula, what i have