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I am looking for suitable LED driver for my application. 70% of LED bulb, led gets damaged and if one led is damaged (as all led's are connected in series) no more light even if remaining are fine . For ex if 12 leds are arranged in 3 strings each of 4 leds in series all-together connected in parallel. So if one led gets damaged remaining two string are active. So i need a constant voltage(CV) led driver bcus constant current is not feasible for this purpose. 220v AC input, 15V output voltage, 5-15Watt output power. Any other useful advises are welcome.


Maybe your pointing out the case where one of the LED in string fails open (although, commonly the LED's fail mode is a short-circuit). We normally operate our LED drivers in CC mode since it would be hard to control the light intensity in CV. But if you really want CV driver with the specs you mentioned, then I could recommend TNY285 or TNY286 from the TinySwitch-4 family of ICs from our AC-DC Converter products.

Here's the link where you could find the specs:

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