Request for advice to make 60W~150W LED driver

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Dear All,

As a LED Street Lighting luminaires manufacturer, are are going to develop a driver which can meet below specifications:

Power rating : 60W ~ 150W
Operating voltage : 220VAC +/- 20%
LED Voltage : about 48V
Efficiency > 92%
PF > 0.94
THD <10%
Ripple <10%
0-10V or PWM dimmable

I request your advice to choose most cost effective solution in terms of total BOM cost among HiperLCS, HiperPFS, TopSwitch JX and LinkSwitch HP.

Thanks in advance,

Mumtaz Bademli
Omega Lighting

Hi Mumtaz,

Please see the reference design developed by Power Integrations with street lighting as application. I hope this helps.


Dear Zek,

Many thanks for your quick response. We are now working on BOM of the solution. We will pass it to production quickly if total cost is workable for us.

Thanks again, good weekend.