LYTSwitch-0 buck-boost topology

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Can anyone help me to find design example for buck-boost topology for LYTSwitch-0 driver? In datasheet there is an schemaic "High-Side Buck-Boost – Constant Current LED Driver" but I cant find how to compute Rsens and inductance value?

Thanks for help


Can I please know the details of the design (input and output parameters)?

Design example or spreadsheet for calculation of LYTSwitch-Zero buck-boost design is not available. If you need a buck-boost topology, you can also refer to other LYT products. For example, buck-boost design calculation is readily available for LYTSwitch-1 design. I hope this helps. Thank you.



Vin si 230VAC (190-265VDC); Vout is 280VDC/13mA. Design example is from datasheet, but there are no equations to calculate Rsense and inductance. Applications example is for buck topology only.


Hello Dzik,

Can you try using LYT0005, 6800uH inductance, and Rsense = 127ohms? Then please let me know what happens.

However, I'd like to warn you that your output voltage, 280Vdc is too high and may cause the Vds spike to exceed the rating of the internal MOSFET and cause damage.