LYT7503-7504 Output Capacitor Type and Life

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I'm looking to choose a LED driver for our application. In the above mentioned LED driver, in the application section, I see this statement:

"The value of the output capacitor C6 was selected to give peak-to-peak LED ripple current equal to 30% of the mean value"

My Questions:

1. What kind of capacitor (Electrolytic/Film) should i use to achieve this figure? If electrolytic, what is the lifetime of my design? It will be limited by the electrolytic cap right?

2. Just to confirm with my internal spec, when I use this capacitor, my Peak to Avg ratio of the Output will be around 1.2?

thank you!

Hello Sanjeev,

Thank you for considering Power Integrations in your design. May we know the specific requirements of your design?

Also, are you using any specific design example as reference (DER)? If none, you may check this link, and you will see in the bottom the various Design Example Reports. You can choose from here the one that is nearest to your requirement.