Using INN2904K without Sync-Rect MOSFET

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I am thinking to use INN2904K in circuit working from 90VAC to 415VAC and 24V output. However output current is not so high so Sync-Rect MOSFET can be maybe omitted from efficiency point of view.
Can MOSFET be simply replaced by adequate diode or internal state machine can have some problems in such a case?
Fig.20 in the datasheet shows Forward pin voltage considered adequate (body diode conduction), but at the same time there is notice telling that this is OK before handshake starts.

If this can be done safely, to which voltage we can connect FWD pin without affecting IC operation (with 24V output, voltage on the diode can go over 150V exceeding maximum rating for FWD pin, can we connect it to ground, BPS or VO maybe)?