Questions about how to read Optocoupler paramethers

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I've read an article about optocoupler here: [url][/url] , Now I need to do something and don't know how to tackle the problem.

I need to use optocoupler to turn on a pnp transistor which will be able to conduct relatively high current, theoretically speaking 400mA (probably a few time higher).

Supply voltage for higher voltage side will be 12V and 3.3V for LED side of the optocoupler. If I look at the datasheet of optocoupler I see:

and anothe picture showed in profile attached

First puzzle I need to solve is next:

Does this mean that at 10mA (If) current 150mA will be able to flow through CE if the supply is capable of outputing that current?

If so is CE voltage drop negligible?

Update: Ok so now I know that I should give more attention to the graphs, but how to get appropriate IF value for desired Ic current is still a mystery to me.

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