DI-152 Reference Design Line and Load Graphs

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I am looking for an ultra wide range universal AC-DC power supply and came across the DI-152 application using the TNY280 controller IC. However there are no line and load graphs showing what the expected performance is of the supply over the line and load ranges using the reference design. Can anyone provide some data? I'm currently coparing it to the only known competing solution from Ti that is based on the LM5022 that also achieves a similar input voltage range. However the output sag with the Ti solution is quite severe, dropping from 19V down to just 14V at low voltage DC in. That's only 73% load regulation at low input voltages and poses some significant design challenges.

I'm hoping the DI-152 design concept can provide some better load regulation performance, maybe 10% but I could not find any data on it. Thanks.

Hi AHague,

Thank you for showing interest on PI product. Regarding your inquiry, the reference design DI-152 output voltage is at 5V. There will be no problem meeting +/-10% regulation up to the minimum input (18Vac). Your design is 19V output with the same input range. There might be a problem regulating the output up to 18Vac as the operation may hit the maximum duty cycle of the TNYSwitch IC, depending on your transformer design. Thank you.

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