35 Watt Triple output design (Really 8 Watt consumption)

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Hello everyone.
Please see attached L.S.E Transformer data sheet.
Specs are vague but data sheet says 35 watts secondary.
I have a dozen transformers that i would like to prototype
with and to replace a DST-6-24 Linear Transformer that is
rated at 20 VA.
UPDATED January 14th 2019
Actual Power required on secondary is about 8 watts.
secondary voltage is +16 volts at 200 minimum to 400
maximum Ma current at 115 AC line Voltage.
Positive rail consumes most of the current draw of the device
and that will be the feedback sensing line.
- 16 volt rail is 110 Ma max

I am not set in stone on this transformer but i have them
right now to proto with.
Could you please direct me to a proper switching device
for this transformer as top switch GX series is not recommended for new designs
I would like to make a pcb board to drop fit the foot pattern of the DST-6-24 dimensions.

a schematic for proper connections
would be very helpful.
i have built small switcher before
but i am not an expert.
Thanks in Advance

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L.S.E. Transformer105.52 KB


Thank you for considering Power Integrations for your solution.

Can you kindly provide complete specifications of your product and the intended application?
We will then be better placed to recommend a part for you to use.

Best Regards,

Thank You PI-Kryten
I can not give more details on the specifications
sorry proprietary in nature
It is industry use and not a medical device
after reading alot of Power Integration's data sheets and
design examples
i have selected TOPSwitch-HX
to do some protyping with
TOP258 PN/GN packages

Hi TS,

TOP-HX is indeed the recommended replacement for TOP-GX. Overall this would be a good fit

Best Regards,