LNK304 Low Power Supply - On/Off Capability

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I'm working with an existing design using the LNK304 and need to know the best method for turning the supply On and Off. I'm thinking either open/short the BP pin capacitor to/from S (return) or simply open/short the BP pin to S directly thereby bypassing the BP pin capacitor. Is that possible without damaging the chip or is there another way?

After finding and reviewing the Linkswitch-TN App Note AN-37 I see that the FB pin is the one I need to be affecting for On/Off control. Now the question is is it better to open the feedback circuit forcing the LNK304 into shutdown mode and autorestart or to short FB to the return causing the same effect? I'm using High-Side Buck Direct Feedback topology.

Hi jkellar,

Both way opening/shorting the feedback would trigger Auto-restart. For opening the feedback circuit you should also consider the voltage rating of your Output Capacitor.

See page 4 of the datasheet for the Auto-restart info and the table at page 11 for the Auto-restart on time parameters. https://ac-dc.power.com/sites/default/files/product_document/data_sheet/linkswitch-tn_family_datasheet.pdf