SMPS with 12V output, 750ma to 1A output

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I am looking for an SMPS design that provides +12V output with approximately 750ma to 1A current capability and can operate from 85V to 265V AC. This is intended for consumer appliance products such as coffee makers, blenders, toaster ovens etc., so the quantities could be quite high. Since it is a consumer product, cost, component count, and size are primary issues that need to be addressed. I don't believe the topology is a major factor in the design. The primary factors are those mentioned above. It would be appreciated if you could point me in the direction of possible design solutions that will accommodate the above requirements. Any reference designs that can meet these requirements would be appreciated.


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We do have a reference design for your requirement.
This product has already a proven track on the appliance industry .

You can refer to the reference design link given below:


An application design guide is available on link below:

You can also use our PIexpert online tool to create and verify your design:

For Other options , please visit our Major Appliance design reference section:

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